The Cast Iron Shore on DVD

“This is the Cast Iron Shore, The Cazzy…”


From the opening line of the trailer I’m hooked. Frankie Vaughan’s “These Dangerous Years” was originally released in 1957. As the film has sequences set on the Cast Iron Shore I have wanted to see this for years. I’ve looked for it before but was put off by reviews of poor quality but a new version has been released this year by Network On Air and it was transferred from the original to DVD, so the quality should be far superior.

I’m not expecting ‘Brighton Rock’ but I am looking forward to seeing the shore mixed with a bit of rock and roll nostalgia. The tricky part will be deciding what was actually filmed there. As it is only £6.98 it seems to good to miss. I have never purchased them before so once I get a copy I will post an update.

Here is a contemporary review from Billboard, found on Google Books:


‘These Dangerous Years’ DVD is available for £6.98 from



2 comments on “The Cast Iron Shore on DVD

  1. David Steers says:

    Many thanks for posting this trailer – I have heard of this film and sometimes looked for it but like you was put off by the bad reviews and reports of poor quality. However, it looks better in every respect than I would have imagined, I didn’t realise that it was commercially available nor that actors like John Le Mesurier were also in it. I’d be interested to see just how much was shot in the Dingle.

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