St Michaels Road 1985


I was looking at some of my photographs stored in an old shoebox and I came across this one I took of the Lambretta I used to have back in the summer of 1985. For anyone interested, the model is a 1965 GT200. I realised that in the background is the entrance to what I think was the Esso Oil Storage facility in St Michaels Road. One of the entrances to The Priory is just to the right of here on the other side of the railway bridge. There is student accommodation on the site now. I have done a screen grab of Google maps to show how it looks now. St michaels road (I wish I still had that scooter as they are worth a fortune now).


2 comments on “St Michaels Road 1985

  1. Paul Chedotal says:

    What a fabulous site! I spent my first 25 years or so living in St Michaels Road opposite tesco car park, and some of the posts here are truly fascinating. Brilliant research…happy memories…

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